Alfredo was born and raised in San Diego, California and is the oldest of four kids. He came to know the Lord Jesus in April 2001 while living there. After serving in the junior high ministry in Calvary Chapel San Diego, he made his way eastward to Texas. Here at Calvary Chapel San Antonio, he continued to have a heart for the kids and youth, serving in the junior high ministry from 2006-2016. Alfredo also had a career in occupational therapy working in Home Health with the pediatric population before the Lord called him to full-time ministry. In 2015, he was ordained as a pastor and later joined the CCSA staff in 2017. Since that time, he has also been full-time at the academy. Alfredo teaches the junior high class, and Latin to the 1st and 6th grades. His hobbies include spending time with his family and studying the Word of God. Alfredo and his beautiful wife, Sundra, are proud parents of seven children: Gian, Victoria, Kacy, Veronica, Namine, Kieran, and Alfredo Paul. His favorite pro sports teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Diego Padres, and the San Francisco 49ers.

+ SCOTT BROWN (5th & 6th Grade Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.

+ SCOTT CROFT (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Scott Croft is the 8th through 12th grade science teacher at the academy. He is married to Wanda, and has four lovely children: a daughter, Sabina, born 2003; and three sons—Carlos, born 2006; Trey, born 2008; and Jasper, born 2012. Scott was born in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1971, moved to Austin, Texas in 1985, and eventually found himself in San Antonio in 2003. After struggling through high school, Scott spent several years working at various jobs, including IBM and Motorola, and attending school at Austin Community College, before taking a hiatus and working on a floating fishery in the waters of Alaska. After moving back to Austin, Scott came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ while attending Calvary Chapel Austin. Shortly after being born again, Scott and Wanda were married in Austin, Texas in 1999 before moving, to Ft. Worth, Texas so Wanda could be closer to her job as a flight attendant While in Fort Worth, Scott graduated from Texas Wesleyan University, in 2003, (just one day after daughter Sabina was born) with a Bachelor of Science. Wanda and Scott have been blessed enough to have many wonderful experiences together, including traveling to places throughout the U.S. and in Europe, Central America, and Mexico; hosting children from Mongolia and Honduras; spending time on Scott’s family farm; and raising two adopted boys.
Scott and his family have attended Calvary Chapel San Antonio since 2003, where they have met many wonderful friends and served in various ministries: taking care of toddlers; the children’s ministry at Joy of Jesus; and both the children’s and women’s clothing exchange. Wanda left the airline business and became a Dental Hygienist in 2011 and Scott left public school teaching and became a teacher at CCCA in 2007.


Ken gave his life to Jesus Christ on November 30th, 1997, in San Diego, California at Horizon Christian Fellowship. After many years of hardship and heartbreak, Ken realized that every attempt to fill his hurting heart failed because it was missing the love of Jesus. On that late November evening, God gave Ken a new heart filled with God’s love. Since then every day is lived in gratitude for saving him from hopelessness. Not only did God breathe life into Ken, but May (his girlfriend at the time) gave her heart to Jesus one month later. Over the next few months, God transformed their once miserable relationship, into a Christ-centered engagement. Then, in April of 2000, God joined Ken and May together in marriage. In February of 2006, God moved Ken, his loving wife May, and their two wonderful kids (Kaleb and Nia) from California to San Antonio, Texas. In 2007, they were blessed with another beautiful child, Faith Evangeline (a.k.a. Faithee). In 2012, they were blessed with yet another child, Malani Joy. On Monday nights, you can stop by the Men’s Bible Study, which Pastor Ken has been teaching since 2008.

+ LINDA DEVICH (Teacher’s Aide)

Linda, who was born in Paris, Texas, was adopted into her family of 11 at five months old, and later moved to San Marcos, Texas when she was 18 years old. While training as a nursing assistant at Gary Job Corps, she met her husband Tracy. God began to do a wonderful work in their hearts and, in 2000, they were married, got saved, and were baptized. They have three kids, three grandchildren, and one daughter in-law. Linda and her husband have been attending Calvary Chapel San Antonio for 16 years. She began volunteering as a teacher’s aide at the academy during the 2015-2016 school year. In her downtime, Linda enjoys watching her son play baseball, cuddling up with her grandchildren, knitting blankets for newborns, playing video games, and eating with her husband at Olive Garden.

+ JARROD FORTHAM (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Jarrod and his beautiful wife, Trina, have been attending CCSA since 2002 along with their kids, Tiffany, Gary, Colton, Kaylee, Mandi, and Sydney. Each of their kids has attended CCCA and some have families and careers of their own now. After a stint as a professional bull rider, Jarrod worked at a small zoo in New Braunfels, Texas called Animal World and Snake Farm. Jarrod has been featured on The Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs” as well as multiple locally televised shows. In addition to a great love for animals, Jarrod has a passion for fitness and nutrition. In 2013, Jarrod left his full-time work at the zoo to begin helping at CCSA’s free clinic, Malta Medical, advising patients about nutrition. Along with his work at Malta Medical, in 2015 Jarrod joined the staff of CCCA to head the Physical Education program, instilling the value of a healthy body in the students. Jarrod also coordinates CCCA’s semi-annual athletic combine. Being in a unique position, Jarrod is also able to bring animals to the school at times to share with the students, including alligators, sea turtles, monkeys, bobcats, and piglets. Jarrod enjoys his life with Jesus, admiring God’s creation, spending time with his family, and working out at the gym.

+ CAROLINE GALLOWAY (2nd Grade Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.

+ JON GROVE (Jr High Teacher)

In 2003 Jon Grove, who is gifted as a Sunday school teacher, praise and worship leader, bus driver, and school teacher, moved from the great state of Indiana to San Antonio, Texas. Because of his experience, Jon was able to get plugged in right away at CCSA and began his teaching career at Calvary Chapel Christian Academy as the 6th grade teacher in the 2003-2004 school year. In addition to his teaching duties, Jon has served as school bus driver as well as praise and worship leader for morning chapel services. Jon taught 1st, 2nd, and 6th grade classes for over 11 years at CCCA but, at age 61, he decided it was best to give up wrangling 6 and 7 year-old kids and teach junior high. He has been doing that on a part-time basis to date. Jon enjoys puppets and games, implementing them in much of his teaching both at church and in school. In addition to teaching at the academy, Jon has been leading praise and worship with the pre-K and elementary kids Sunday mornings and Friday evenings since 2003.

+ DANIEL HEBERLING (5th & 6th Grade Teacher)

Daniel was born in Anaheim, California, and his family attended Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, pastored by Chuck Smith. The Heberling family lived in Anaheim until they moved to San Antonio, Texas, in 2000. In August of 2000, Calvary Chapel San Antonio officially opened its private school’s doors, and Daniel was one of the first students to attend the academy. He gave his life to the Lord at a very young age, and he continued to attend CCCA until he graduated in May of 2009. After graduating, Daniel attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, as well as St. Philip’s College; while in college, God called him to drop everything and return to CCCA to teach. Daniel answered God’s call and began teaching the 5th and 6th grades in August of 2012. In addition to teaching at the academy, Daniel also serves in ministry on Wednesday nights, teaching the 1st through 3rd grade classes. Daniel is a huge movie buff - he even likes movie spoilers; he enjoys Thai food, socializing (in person), and board games (but is not a fan of Monopoly). James is his favorite book in the Bible. He is also a Spurs fan, likes anything black and never wears pants.

+ JOHN HEBERLING (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

All through high school, John had rejected Jesus Christ and was hostile to Christians. But in college, speakers from Campus Crusade for Christ caught his ear, and the Holy Spirit began to do a miraculous work in his heart. John met his wife, Pauline, while in college, and she introduced John to his Savior. John began attending church while in college, eventually giving his life to Jesus in 1985. John and Pauline were married in 1986, and moved from California to Texas in 2000 along with their three children – John Jr., Daniel, and Lauren. Pauline served for seven years as the academy’s first secretary, and all three children were among the first students. John left a 20-year career in marketing in 2004 to answer God’s call to teach English and History at CCCA, joining the rest of the family. All three of his children are academy graduates. John Jr. lives with his wife, Alex, son J.P., and daughter Bella in Houston. Lauren and her husband, Morgan, live in Universal City with their daughter Aubrey. Daniel, who also teaches at the academy, lives in Universal City with his wife Jessica. John teaches English and world history to the junior and senior high students. He also teaches Sunday and Wednesday Bible classes to 4th through 6th graders, and writes and directs the annual youth Christmas play. John graduated from Long Beach State University in 1983 with degrees in Journalism and Linguistics. After college, he taught English in California and in Taichung, Taiwan. His favorite verse is 2 Timothy 1:7.

+ MICHELLE HENRY (Jr High Teacher)

Michelle met her husband, Shaun, in high school. These high school sweethearts were married in 1995, at the age of twenty, in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Shaun was stationed as a marine. In Hawaii, Michelle got saved in July of 1996. It is then that their lives truly began. In 1997, Michelle was baptized while she was nine months pregnant with their first child - a daughter they named Dominique. This was followed by the birth of their son, Austin, in 1999. Upon the completion of Shaun's Marine Corps enlistment in 2001, Michelle and her family moved to San Antonio. Shortly thereafter, they began to attend Calvary Chapel San Antonio. Michelle home-schooled her two children while also tutoring kids at the academy and aiding the math program. In 2006, she began to teach the 7th and 8th grade math and Spanish classes while both her children attended CCCA. In addition to teaching, she is also the academy’s cross-country coach. Michelle, who is a life-long runner, often expresses how blessed she is to be able to enjoy this part of what the Lord has asked her to do. Shaun and Michelle began serving in the children’s ministry when they first joined CCSA and eventually moved into the usher ministry, where they serve during third service on Sundays.

+ JOSH HERNANDEZ (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Josh, who is the second oldest of six siblings, was born in San Antonio, Texas, to Fred and Kim Hernandez. Josh is a life-long San Antonian, despite leaving for a short stint to Midland, Texas in 2010. In October 2011, he moved back to San Antonio, where he attended Northwest Vista College and Liberty University. In July 2014, Josh went back to Calvary Chapel San Antonio to answer the Lord's calling to serve Him in ministry. He starting serving in the academy in August 2015, and currently teaches the 9th grade Computers and Technology class, while also serving as an aide. Josh accepted the Lord at a very young age; proudly declares being a former student of CCCA; and teaches Sunday morning and Wednesday night children’s Bible studies at CCSA. He likes to frequent the gym, play basketball, loves oatmeal cookies and enchiladas, is fanatical about Taco Bell, and runs the San Antonio Legends fantasy football league.

+ PASTOR BRYAN JONES (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Bryan came to know the Lord in March of 1999, just prior to graduating from college and going into the U.S. Navy. After spending almost eight years in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer, Bryan felt the call of God into ministry. Bryan has been attending Calvary Chapel San Antonio since the Spring of 2004. He met his wife, Nancy, here at the church that same year while still working at Randolph Air Force Base, and it would not be until October 2006 when an opportunity came to start teaching at the academy. The Lord’s timing was wonderful, as usual, as Bryan had separated from the Navy in September of that year. In the fall of 2006, Bryan began teaching at Calvary Chapel Christian Academy as the 5th grade teacher. After teaching 5th grade for two years, Bryan moved up to teaching junior high and high school. Bryan now teaches 9th through 12th grade math, along with 12th grade economics. Bryan and Nancy have four children (Joshua, Hannah, Zariah, and Caleb) who all attend Calvary Chapel Christian Academy.

+ KENNEYETTA JONES (Kindergarten Teacher)

Kenneyetta was born in Aurora, Colorado in 1974 into a military family and was raised in Colorado, Alabama, Kentucky, and San Antonio, Texas. After graduating from Judson in 1993, Kenneyetta moved to Charleston, South Carolina to attend Johnson and Wales University where she majored in Food and Beverage Management. This is where she met her husband, David. After graduating in 1996, David and Kenneyetta got married and traveled back across the country to San Antonio, Texas. Together, David and Kenneyetta managed a Marie Callender’s restaurant from April 1997 to December 2003. Shortly thereafter, Kenneyetta was invited by some of her friends to visit Calvary Chapel San Antonio. In January 2004, she attended a church service that truly explained who Jesus really was for the first time in her life. The verse-by-verse teaching and ease of understanding lead to her salvation in March 2004. Later, while working for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and after the birth of their last child, the Lord showed himself trustworthy by confirming that it was time for her to stay home and raise their four children: DJ, Deja, Keyshawn and Taj. Once all the children were in school, she started aiding at the academy part-time in August of 2009. In 2011, Kenneyetta became the Kindergarten teacher. She was shocked that this was her calling, but the Lord knew that it was the perfect fit. In addition to the academy, Kenneyetta serves with her husband in the sound ministry, 4th-6th grade children’s ministry, and Growing in Servanthood ministry. Each year the Joneses have the pleasure of using their God-given knowledge and passion for cooking to serve in the kitchen during kids, junior high, and high school camps.

+ VICTORIA KING (3rd Grade Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.

+ PAM LUCAS (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.

+ JOCELYN MACASADIA (Teacher's Aide)

Bio forthcoming.

+ PASTOR ALAIN MACASADIA (3rd Grade Teacher)

Alain came to know the Lord in 1996 while attending a Harvest Crusade in San Diego, California. He and his wife Jocelyn got married in 1999. With the prompting of God, Alain and his family moved to San Antonio, Texas in 2005, leaving behind both their families and the church where they grew spiritually. They have been attending Calvary Chapel of San Antonio ever since. In 2007, after nine years in broadcast radio as an on-air personality and production director, Alain became Calvary Chapel Christian Academy’s 3rd grade teacher. Each 3rd grade class has brought him great joy and has given Alain a chance to teach each of his own children - Matthew, Ashley, Jonathan, and Timothy. Alain is also a staff pastor at Calvary Chapel of San Antonio and serves as the church's worship leader. Serving alongside his wife in the worship ministry has proven God’s providence to Alain; he knows God has been at work in their lives even before they came to Jesus. Alain and Jocelyn were in the secular music industry, but now Jesus is using their talents for His glory. Their testimony is proof of God’s goodness to those who obey his calling. Alain drives a minivan, loves the Spurs, is a life-long Padres and Chargers fan, and is enjoying life with his wife, kids, and serving Jesus. His favorite verse is Galatians 2:20.


Alex was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Charles Allen Prosser Vocational High School and went on to study journalism at Columbia College Chicago. On December 24, 1998 Alex married the love of her life, Miguel Magana. Alex and Miguel have five children: Isaiah, Sara, Jeremiah, Elijah, and Noah. They are wonderful kids who have each attended Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Alex gave her life to the Lord in 2002, and after a lifetime of stick ball and Giordano’s Pizza, the good Lord called Alex and her family to Texas. When Alex arrived to San Antonio in 2007, she and her family began attending Calvary Chapel San Antonio. Because of Alex’s athletic upbringing, it felt natural for her to offer her services as a teacher’s aide for the P.E. program. Alex joined CCCA in 2016 and has enjoyed every minute of it. One of Alex’s favorite verses is 1 Cor 9:24. She likes to collect baseball caps, is a die-hard Cubs, Bears, and Bulls fan, loves jewelry, and designing her own nails.

+ VENISSA MARVELL (Teacher's Aide)

Venissa, who has been attending Calvary Chapel of San Antonio for 23 years, began working for Calvary Chapel Christian Academy as a teacher’s aide when the school first opened in 2000. In her 20 years at the academy she has served as a teacher’s aide, 3rd through 6th grade Spanish teacher, and secretary. Venissa loves her job and all kids, big and small, at the academy. She loves to see the transformation of the kids’ hearts when they find out how much Jesus loves them. She loves walking into school and Jesus reminding her of how special this school is and how precious these kids are to him. Venissa is honored to serve at the academy. Venissa has been married to her wonderful husband, Mike Marvell, for 14 years. They have 6 kids together: Isaiah 24, Chris 23, Cole 21, Eli 20, Cally 19, and Ronnie, who is 10. She adores her family and loves being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Venissa got saved Sunday morning, September 28, 1997; Psalm 25 is her favorite passage. She was the church’s first employee, and has been serving at the academy since its inception in 2000, making her the longest tenured employee. She is also a die-hard Cubs and Spurs fan.

+ PASTOR JUAN L. ORTIZ (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Juan was born in Puerto Rico in 1974, the first of six children. At the age of eight, he and his family moved to the United States. When Juan was 16 years old, he was kicked out of his house by his father. It was during this time that he met his future wife, Lachelle. He graduated from Hopewell High School, in Virginia, in 1993. After attending a trade school in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, he joined the military. In 1995, he was discharged from the Army. That same year, after five years apart, Juan, again crossed paths with Lachelle, and she became pregnant. They moved to San Antonio after living a few months in Baltimore, Maryland. They had their son, Johnny, in San Antonio, Texas after almost aborting him. Juan and Lachelle were married in June 2006. They have two wonderful children, Johnny and Jaqui, both of whom serve faithfully in the church. Unfortunately Juan and Lachelle’s marriage had a rocky start and was in shambles, as they both did horrible things to destroy it. After five years of marriage, Juan surrendered to Jesus in his upstairs bathroom and the Lord began to repair the damage to their lives. Juan started teaching at the academy in 2006 as the third grade teacher. A few years later, Juan became the high school Spanish teacher and has continued in that role. Juan was ordained as a pastor at Calvary Chapel San Antonio in 2008. In addition to being the church’s missions pastor, Juan has taught Bible studies in the children’s ministry, and has planned the Joy of Jesus outreaches for many years. Lachelle is part of the Sunday worship team and is involved in women’s ministries.

+ MARY RIVERA (Teacher’s Aide)

Mary got saved at Calvary Chapel San Antonio as a teenager in the late 1990's and went to work for Calvary Chapel Christian Academy in 2001. As a part of CCCA, Mary has experienced many blessings as well as endured much hardship. This ministry has proven to be a test for everyone involved, and Mary has learned to be a great model of consistency and commitment to the students of CCCA, as she helps those in the ministry grow through both the good and tough times. CCCA has proven to be a very fruitful ground for the Lord and, because of Mary’s longevity in ministry, few have been as privileged as her to experience what the Lord has done here. Mary has seen the Lord bring many people together and do exceptional things in their lives through the academy.
In her free time, Mary like to drive her car, walk her dog, and like many of us, loves to vacuum “V”s into her carpet. Mary’s favorite restaurants are Red Robin and Sea Island. She digs Old Navy and Famous Footwear, and LOVES Dr. Pepper.

+ XIOMARA ROJAS (Jr/Sr Teacher’s Aide)

Xiomara was born in D.F., Mexico and moved to Chicago, Illinois when she was about four years old. Living in Chicago most of her life, Xiomara spent 17 years as a stylist and hip-hop dancer. She married her multi-talented husband, Rafael, in December 1995. Xiomara claims to be spoiled by her husband, who is both a chef and an accomplished ballroom dancer. Rafael and Xiomara have two beautiful daughters, Quetzalli and Jazmin, both of whom attend CCCA. Xiomara gave her life to the Lord in 2010. Shortly thereafter, in 2012, she and her family moved to San Antonio, Texas. That same year, they began attending Calvary Chapel San Antonio. In 2014, Xiomara joined the staff of CCCA as a teacher’s aide for the P.E. department. It’s a great fit for her because she is a health advocate and avid runner. Xiomara has run in several races, including the 2014 Rock ‘n Roll Marathon. Xiomara is bilingual, enjoys spending time with her family, likes watching movies, loves eating Dove dark chocolate, her husband’s pasta, and, if you can believe this, a banana, avocado, and rice dish.

+ LINDA ROMERO (Teacher's Aide)

Bio forthcoming.

+ TERRY RUSH (Sr High Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.

+ CHRIS SANCHEZ (1st Grade Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.


In 1989, Will began his relationship with his wife Natasha. In 1991 they had their first child while Will was still attending high school. Will went on to pursue an education, but in 1992 dropped out of college. Due to his lifestyle of sin, Will’s life continued on a downward spiral, causing many years of pain for his wife and kids, to the point his marriage was on the brink of a divorce. It was at that time, in July of 1999, Will was finally willing to listen to the voice of God. Will began to do things God’s way and, in 2000, God called him to ministry. He has been serving at CCSA ever since and is currently a staff pastor, and principal of Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Will and Natasha have four grown children; Allysse, Will, Levi, and Makayla. Will enjoys playing golf for the fellowship with friends and the beauty of the landscape – especially since he doesn’t have a green thumb; loves spending time with family – except when his wife beats him at cards; is a fan of the Leicester City Football Club (soccer); and drinks smoothies every day.

+ MARK SLAGLE (4th Grade Teacher / Vice Principal)

Mark has been both teaching fourth grade and acting as Vice Principal at the academy since 2001. He received his bachelor’s degree in occupational education from Wayland Baptist University. Mark and his wife Misty moved their five boys from Orange County, California to San Antonio in 1998. They have been attending Calvary Chapel of San Antonio for nineteen years.
All five of Mark and Misty’s boys (David, Christian, Noah, Elijah, and Silas) have attended Calvary Chapel Christian Academy. Four have graduated high school and the youngest will be entering 9th grade. Mark has been a born again Christian since the age of twelve. As a teenager he intermittently attended Calvary Chapel churches in Costa Mesa and Anaheim. However, it was not until he moved to San Antonio and attended CCSA that he and his wife completely surrendered their lives and service to Jesus Christ. Shortly after his rededication he began serving as a teacher at CCCA. His wife Misty also serves in ministry at CCSA as the director of the Manna House (women’s shelter). Mark has served in many different ministries at CCSA including children’s ministry (leading worship and teaching Bible studies), Bezalel ministry, usher ministry, and driving the bus to events such as Joy of Jesus and HEB kids’ camp. Interesting facts: Prior to becoming a teacher Mark worked as a firefighter and played college football in California. Mark loves outdoor activities such as skateboarding & snowboarding, fishing, and baseball.
Favorite Verse: Romans 8:38-39


Donnelly gave his life to the Lord Jesus at 17 years old, after being run over by a pick-up truck in Austin, Texas. He arose from the accident without a bump, bruise, or scratch, causing him to seek why God spared his life. Three days later, he found himself in a Christian church hearing the gospel and discovering God’s great love for him that was shown in Jesus. Desiring for others to hear of the great love of God, he began a Christian Urban Music ministry. Known to his friends and family as Nelly, he did concerts and outreaches sharing the love of God through music. It was through this ministry that he met his wife Michelle in 2006. They married and began attending Calvary Chapel of San Antonio in 2009. Soon after, they began to serve in the youth ministry in whatever ways the Lord allowed. It’s here the Lord increased their desire to love and serve the youth. In 2010, Nelly joined the staff of Calvary Chapel Christian Academy where he now serves as a teacher. As a part of this ministry, his love for the youth grew even greater. In addition to teaching at the academy, he now serves as the youth leader over the high school ministry at Calvary Chapel of San Antonio.

+ CHRISTINA WONG (Jr/Sr High Teacher)

Bio forthcoming.