The Children's Church ministry teaches the Bible to your children at their level. There is Children's Church available during every service and most church events. If you're interested in serving in this ministry or would like more information, contact us. Contact us for more info


Pre-K to 6th grade gather for a week long Bible School each summer from 9:ooa.m. to Noon. Each Year there is a different theme with Bible Study, crafts, worship, and games. 7th grade and up bless us with volunteering to help younger children. Contact us for more info


Children of all ages are welcome to serve the Lord in worship with their peers. Please direct any questions to Jocelyn Macasadia.


Every Christmas season, Calvary Chapel holds a Children Christmas play where kids of all ages participate in drama and music and celebrate the birth of the Christ. there are opportunities to serve on and off stage. For questions contact Darlene Littman.


Every summer, there is a Kids' camp for children 3rd grade to 6th grade at the H-E-B Campsite West of San Antonio. See Darlene Liitman for more info.




Calvary Chapel Christian Academy is a non-profit ministry of Calvary Chapel of San Antonio, Texas. Our mission is to offer a free, high quality classical Christian education to children from K-12. We place great emphasis on faith in Jesus Christ as a foundation of the type of knowledge that leads to intelligence and wisdom. Calvary Chapel Christian Academy is academically rigorous. All students without serious learning disabilities (as we have no special education program at this time) are eligible to apply. Contact us for more info


We have created a prayer team ministry, specifically for the academy, that allows those who are interested in helping serve the academy the opportunity to pray for specific students. CCCA is a ministry that attracts a lot of spiritual warfare and these little children could use your prayerful support. For those of you who are interested in praying for specific, assigned children of CCCA on a daily basis. Contact us for more info


Tutoring for the Academy is available. If you are gifted to tutor and interested in serving in this ministry, please contact Darlene Littman for more information.




The Malta Medical Clinic is a primary care medical clinic that functions as a ministry of Calvary Chapel of San Antonio. This practice is available to the community to assist the uninsured and underinsured at no cost. The family practice is open and receiving appointment requests Monday thru Friday. Dr. Peter Paily, Dr. Sheeba Paily, Bruce Sivil, Brandon Clark and Maria Clark are on staff at the clinic. The clinic is located a few doors down from the church between Shanghai Chinese restaurant and Lee Dental, at 2935 Pat Booker Road - Suite 135, Universal City, Texas 78148. Contact us for more info


This is a ministry of servants who often times, are going through medical challenges themselves, who reach out and comfort the people who visit Malta Medical. This could be in the form of lending an ear, sharing personal testimonies, and making patients feel welcome. Contact us for more info


Fitness and Nutrition is a ministry that is offered through Malta Medical. Taking care of our bodies through diet and exercise is essential for living a healthy lifestyle that God asks of us. We provide personalized diet and exercise plans to help patients reach their goals. Contact us for more info




Our Radio Ministry produces two Radio Programs with Pastor Ron Arbaugh. "Word To Stand On For Life", is a LIVE Call-in Program with Pastor Ron. Listen weekdays 4:00-5:00 p.m. on AM 630, KSLR. "Word To Stand On" is a Bible Teaching Program with Pastor Ron. Listen weekdays on KSLR and KDRY AM Radio. For more info about the Radio Ministry, contact us for more info


Go to Radio Programs Page. Call KSLR at 210-340-9585 or email your Radio Show questions to Live Call-In Radio Program airs weekdays 4:00-5:00 p.m. For more info about the Radio Ministry, contact us for more info


Go to Radio Programs Page. "Word To Stand On' is a Bible Teaching Radio Program with Pastor Ron Arbaugh. Listen weekdays on AM 630 KSLR 5:00-5:30 a.m. and 1100 AM KDRY 5:30-6:00 a.m. and 9:30-10:00 p.m. For more info about the Radio Ministry, contact us for more info


Pastor Ron's Radio Programs are archived and made available in an online archive. Contact us for more info




Summer Baptism: Every summer the church body comes together for a baptism and potluck in Spring Branch. Join us for food and fellowship as we encourage and support believers who are being baptized. Listen to personal testimonies and music by the worship team as we honor Jesus at the river. Contact us for more info


The Under Armor ministry takes donations year-round for the annual Joy of Jesus Outreach. Donations can include new, packaged undergarments, socks, and t-shirts. Contact us for more info


Joy of Jesus: Every October, on the last Saturday of the month, we gather in Downtown San Antonio at Travis Park to share God’s love with those who need it most. Some ministries to serve in are: Bicycle Ministry, Bible Counseling, Street Witnessing, Clothing Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Clown Ministry, Spanish Bible Counseling, Food Ministry and so much more. Several of the ministries start preparations weeks in advance. The table in the center of the foyer will have a binder with all of the sign-up sheets as we get closer to October. Some work in more than one ministry. If you cannot serve, or have not been to a JOJ yet, make plans to come see the amazing work that God does there and how mightily he uses us all!


This is a ministry that does a lot to “break the ice” for many adults and children alike who want to express the visual joy of Jesus. It is a great ministry to serve in for those who are a bit shy. Contact Tracy Noojin for more info.


This ministry branches from the Wedding Planners Ministry providing a variety of makeup looks along with facial skin care & prepping for events like Weddings, Sweet 16, Quinceaners, Banquets, Proms and many other services. Contact Lachelle Ortiz for more info.


Mending Hearts is a sewing ministry that makes small handmade gifts for ladies who are in need, feel discouraged or just need a reminder that Jesus loves them. We get to encourage and pray for them, as well as mend clothes for the homeless during Joy of Jesus.


The Street witnessing team goes to different locations throughout San Antonio and surrounding areas to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and hurting. Regularly, the team meets at the church before heading downtown, or a half hour later in front of the Alamo. Contact Lavonte Simms for more information.




This is a sub-ministry of our annual Joy of Jesus outreach, where we give bicycles away to people in need. We accept donated bicycles in all conditions and in all sizes. Help fixing and cleaning bicycles is always welcome. The work is more concentrated during the months of September & October. There is no requirements to have repair skills to serve in this ministry, though they are always welcome. Contact us for more info


The Bezalel Ministry helps widows and single parents in our body who are in need of home or vehicle repairs. Whoever has these skills and would care to share them unto the Lord, is always welcome to help. Contact us for more info.


Every year the church congregation comes together to fellowship, eat and celebrate the birth of the Christ.


This ministry fulfills the needs of those in our body who cannot physically provide meals for their family due to the recent birth of a baby, surgery or other physical illness. Contact us for more info


If you are deaf or hard of hearing and rely on sign language as your primary means of communication, we provide ASL interpretation for our sermons. We are mostly available to serve during our third service on Sundays. However, because of your unique gift we ask that you call the church, a day or two, ahead of time, so that we can schedule a translator for you; especially if you require our ministry during a different service, other than third service on Sunday.


Growing In Servanthood Ministry teaches kids 1st thru 12th grade to serve in the church body. Meetings rotate schedules and meet on a Saturday of every month at 9 a.m. here at the church.


Setup Ministry:

  1. School Setup - A ministry open to all where help is needed to setup the school after church services. Setup is on Sundays after 3rd service and on Wednesday nights after service.
  2. Church Setup - A ministry of the academy where students and staff breakdown the school and setup for church.


This ministry focuses on single parents in our Body who are in need of groceries, clothing, and other necessary essentials by giving gift cards from either H-E-B or Wal-Mart. .


Individuals in the Visitation Ministry serve in hospitals and nursing homes spreading the Gospel's Good News and Christ's grace, love, kindness, and encouragement. Contact us for more info.


A couple of times a year, this ministry holds two clothing exchanges: The Ladies' Clothing Exchange and a Children's Clothing Exchange. This ministry is a great blessing to many families. Any gently worn clothing, shoes or accessories are acceptable. (Please, no undergarments.) These exchanges are usually held on a Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. If you are able to bring clothes, they are brought to the church the morning of the exchange at 9:30 a.m. The clothing is then sorted on tables by sizes and/or boys & girls. If you are not bringing clothes you are welcome to come also. You do not need to bring clothes to get clothes. Come for the fellowship, too! Leftover clothing that is not taken will be donated to a charity in town. Help to set up and clean up afterwards is greatly appreciated. Contact us for more info


This ministry is in operation at many events for CCSA. Serving includes greeting, door-opening, passing out bulletins and communion service. Often times ushers are the first to greet newcomers and visitors and welcome them with Christ’s open arms. Contact us for more info.


The Parking Ministry coordinates and assists with parking at various CCSA events throughout the year. If you would like to serve in this ministry, please contact us.


Samaritan's Purse is a ministry of Franklin Graham that CCSA periodically participates in. This minsitry brings to San Antonio kids with heart problems from other countries. While they're having heart surgery here one of our families in church host the incoming family and introduce their hearts to Jesus. Contact us for more info


The Event Transportation Ministry coordinates and assists with managing transportation needs for church events. Contact us for more info


The Security Ministry team provides security related services and monitoring at the church and all church events. Contact us for more info.


The Counting Team Ministry is responsible for documentation and numeration of attendance at all church events and services.




Hidden Treasures is the Women's Bible Study that teaches women with a personal Bible study, fellowship and worship time. The group meets on Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. Child care is provided. Contact us for more info


Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast meets for prayer, breakfast and fellowship every first Monday of the month at 9:00 a.m. at Paula Arbaugh’s house. Contact us for more info


Single Pearls is a gathering for single ladies of Calvary Chapel with the purpose to edify, encourage, pray for one another,and share the love of Jesus. Meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the month at 7:00 pm at Julie Cook’s house. Sign up is at the women’s ministry table. Contact us for more info


Treasures in Jars of Clay is a ministry for women who are in physical or spiritual pain. Meets the second Tuesday of every month at 10 A.M. Contact us for more info


Secret sisters bless eachother with small gifts or cards once or more times a week on the Women's Ministry table. Each Sisiter gives each other loving and encouraging messages with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. At the end of the Secret Sister multi-week period, each attends the Secret Sister Reveal and meets their sister face to face. Contact us for more info


A morning Bible for ladies during the day that is taught by Nancy Jones and Crystal Snellenberg. Meeting is during the school year at Nancy's house every Thursday from 9:30-11:15a.m. Childcare is provided. Contact us for more info


Food and fellowship with Jesus at the center is what best describes the Fall Luncheon. It's a great time of sitting at the feet of Jesus along with others who want to know Him better and love Him more.


The Women's Retreat is held each Spring. It's an intimate get-away to spend with Jesus; to be in His Presence. He longs to strengthen and uplift each woman through Bible studies, "Quiet time", fellowship and fun. It's a wonderful "Date with Jesus!" Contact us for more info


This ministry’s single purpose is to bless the ladies attending retreats by creating a warm and welcoming environment at our meeting halls. If you have a love for decorating, hospitality, and fellowship, then this is a ministry for you. The ladies start meeting after the first Monday Night Bible Study in January, to plan and make arrangements. You can join the ministry at anytime, during the process. Contact us for more info


Sweet Summer Devotions: The regular Women's Bible Study takes place outside of summer break. During the summer 8 week break, ladies from within the Calvary Chapel of San Antonio body are chosen to share their testimony, a Bible study or a devotion. The Lord has been glorified in the speakers' lives and used them to encourage others to trust the Lord themselves. Contact us for more info


The Baby Calendar is a special way for the church congregation to share in the joy and pray for the new born children whose family attend CCSA. Contact us for more info


The Manna House is a ministry of Calvary Chapel of San Antonio for single moms and other women who are in need of a temporary home and a time of healing. Manna House will provide a room, food, Bible studies, and life skills such as budgeting, cooking, nutrition, physical exercise, sewing, parenting. Contact us for more info




As a worship ministry, we desire to lead the congregation by presenting an adoration of Jesus through music. It is a combination of the gifts that God has given, the music and the words that express His greatness. When we worship in this way, our attitudes can be entirely focused upon God. Contact us for more info


Choir: Anyone who enjoys worshipping the Lord with singing, is invited to take part of the choir. One only need to have a heart to worship the Lord with their voice. Previous choir members as well as new voices are invited to come. Contact us for more info


Drum lessons is a ministry offered by Calvary Chapel of San Antonio and is therefore free. Lessons are every other Tuesday at 5:30 to 7p.m. from ages 7 & up. Contact us for more info


Jesus, fellowship and guitars will be found at our free Guitar lessons taught by David Caruso and Eric Hobbs. Learn to play or hone your skills. Meetings are at the church from 10:30 to 12p.m. every other Saturday opposite of Pastor's Class. All are invited to join.


Orchestra: All musicians are welcome to join the CCSA Orchestra. We compose for all instruments and skill levels. If God has given you the gift to play an instrument then we invite you to join our orchestra. Contact us for more info.




Pastor Nelly teaches Sunday 2nd service in the New testiment to 9th thru 12th grade. Friday Night Bible study is off campus and is in Old Testiment.


Jr. High has a Bible study all three services on Sundy, and a weekday service on Wednesday night and Friday night in the Old Testiment and New Testiment. Studies begin with worship at 7p.m. All Jr. High kids are invited to join. Contact us for more info


Youth Monday Night Bible Study is an in-depth Bible study in a specific book. This is a discussion based study which prepares High school students on how to anser difficult topics of Life and the Bible from a Christian stand point. Studies are on Monday nights starting at 7p.m. All Highschool students are encouraged to come. Contact us for more info


Every year the High School and Jr. High take a weekend out of the end of the summer to get away from the distractions of social mdeia and technology by going out to the H-E-B campsite. This is a special time for the Jr. Hghers and Highschoolers to hear from the Lord and spend a weekend in the beauty of God's creation. Contact us for more info




This study is a practical verse-by-verse Bible study for men, led by Pastor Ken. This group meets Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary for worship before breaking out to the classroom. Child care is provided. Contact us for more info


Each Fall the men of Calvary Chapel of San Antonio gather together for a special time of renewal at the annual CCSA Men's Retreat. The retreat offers an opportunity for in-depth Bible study over a three-day period. The time includes a Guest Speaker Sermon Series, testimonies, Pastor Ron's Bible Study, a Bible Q&A Session, as well as a chance to enjoy some deep fellowship, participate in some sports, and eat some great food. All men are invited to participate in the Men's Retreat and to bring friends and colleagues to enjoy the experience. Contact us for more info


This Saturday Morning Bible Study for men is taught by Brian Jones. Meeting time is every 1st and 3rd Saturday mornings at church at 8:00 am. Contact us for more info




The Spanish Prayer Ministry is a monthly meeting of worship, prayer, and fellowship in Spanish which meets on the last Saturday of the month. Contact us for more info


Calvary Chapel of San Antonio offers a Spanish translation during 3rd service. Just ask the sound booth area for a headset in which the Spanish translator speaks through. Contact us for more info


Sunday Spanish Bible Study is a verse by verse Bible Study with Pastor Cris Garcia every Sunday at 5:00 PM. Service is also live streamed and archived online for later viewing. Childcare is provided. Contact us for more info




The software ministry maintains, installs, and updates all software systems, including networking and desktop applications, and presentation software needs of the church. Researching various software and determining software needs of the church are also part of this ministry.


The computer hardware ministry maintains, installs and updates computer and networking hardware and peripherals as needed. Researching various computer hardware and peripherals for church needs is also part of this ministry.


The computer networking ministry maintains the church wired and wireless internet connections and local networking systems for communications and printing. Live streaming and Radio Show broadcasting go out over the church internet connections.


The CCSA Mobile App ministry develops, maintains, organizes, and designs church content for consumption on mobile devices through the CalvarySA App. This ministry archives all bible studies and church events on the mobile app and the CalvarySA Web Player. Church Bulletin, Church Contact Info, and other Church Info is also available through our mobile app.


The Web Content ministry develops, maintains, organizes, and designs church content for the church website. Bible Studies, Church Events, Ministries, and much more content about CCSA is available on the CalvarySA website. If you would like to serve on this team, and have skills and experience in website management or development, or would like to learn, contact us for more info.


The Video ministry team produces live streaming of church sermons and events on four days of the week including three services on Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon Spanish Bible Study. Media is archived online and presented on the CalvarySA Mobile App and at If you would like to serve on this team, and have skills and experience, or would like to learn, contact us for more info.


The Audio/Video ministry team organizes digital slideshows and presentations for church sermons, information, and events using provided graphics and images. Digital projection and presentation hardware and software is the primary implementation. If you would like to serve on this team, and have skills and experience, or would like to learn, contact us for more info.


The Sound ministry team is responsible for setup and analysis of all audio technologies and equipment required for Sermons, Worship Team, and other events, both at church and at remote locations throughout the year. The Sound Ministry also works on Live Streaming and recording of all services and events. CDs and MP3s are also created of services for free distribution. If you would like to serve on this ministry team, and have skills and experience, or would like to learn, contact us for more info.


The Media Archives ministry handles post-production, organization, and archiving of church media content such as sermons and events. If you would like to serve on this team, and have relevant skills and experience, or would like to learn, contact us for more info.




Saturday Morning Prayer is every Saturday morning at 9:30 am with Pastor Ron and Paula.


Calvary Chapel of San Antonio's website has a dedicated webpage for prayer requests and praise report. Post your prayer and praise online. You may also submit here your prayer requests through our mobile app. Our Prayer Team prays for all requests on a regular basis. Contact us for more info


Calvary Chapel of San Antonio's website has a dedicated webpage for prayer requests. Handwritten Prayer Requests can also be submitted in the blue Prayer box in the church foyer. You may also speak to any Pastor regarding your prayer requests. Our Prayer Ministry Team prays for all requests on a regular basis. Contact us for more info




Monday Night Bible study is a ministry which offers a verse-by-verse bible study geared towards Men and Women separately. Pastor Ken teaches the men, and Paula Arbaugh teaches the women. Contact us for more info


Calvary Chapel of San Antonio offers a Midweek study focusing on the Old Testament; and an end of week Bible study focusing on the New Testament. Both studies start at 7:00p.m. Studies are taught by Pastor Ron Arbaugh Contact us for more info


Pastor's class is a special time of examining critical and relevant issues affecting a stronger walk and a more powerful evangelistic approach to life. Led by Pastor Ron Arbaugh, Pastor's class was originally established to help prepare those men who believed they had been called to be pastors. As the fruit of the class became evident, others who desired a deeper relationship with Christ and a more fruitful witness asked if they could sit in. Today, Pastor's class is open to all who seek the richness that comes from deep, Bible-based discussions on topics vital to today's church. Pastor's class meets twice a month on Saturday mornings from 10:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.


Teaching the foundations of our faith; this is a bible study for new believers or for anyone who wants to have a better understanding on what we believe, who we worship and why. Studies are taught by Louie Giner.




The Graphic Design ministry creates typographic, photographic, and vector artwork for various uses including the church website, digital presentations, posters and signage, and church event apparrel. Contact us for more info.


The Photography ministry team photo documents many church events. Candid and personal photography of church body and events are archived and utilized in online church content. Photographs are adapted for use on church website, church mobile app, digital presentations, and posters and signage. If you would like to contribute in this ministry, contact us for more info.


The Cards of Encouragement ministry team provides handwritten cards of encouragement to ladies in the general church body and are available in the church foyer. Messages of godly encouragement are various and numerous. If you have the gift of encouragement, and would like to help others, contact us for more info.


Calvary Crafters is a gathering of women who enjoy doing a variety of arts and crafts. Starting with Bible study and prayer, concluding with fellowship while members work on the craft projects they choose. If there is a need for the team's services in the CCSA body, the team will try to meet the need as best they can. Contact us for more info




This ministry’s main purpose is to make sure that current and important information, from Pastor Ron and his staff, is verbally transmitted to the body on Sundays. If you have any information you wish to impart to the body, then contact this ministry to see if we can do so. Contact us here.