Prayer for Salvation & Marriage Restoration

I really need prayer for my marriage. My husband Ryan and I have been married for a little over a year and we have a one-year old son together. I recommitted my life to Christ a little after having our son, my husband however isn't a believer. He claims he's been feeling unhappy for months, doesn't think we connect, rushed into marriage, and doesn't think we were "made" for each other. He has divorce papers and claims he wants a divorce but hasn't signed anything yet. I'm fighting for my marriage but day by day it’s getting harder and harder. I know God hates divorce and I also know that He says if my husband wants out to let him go. I just pray that somehow someway God will soften his heart and intervene in this marriage, most of all I pray for my husband’s salvation. If you may, please keep us in prayer. I want this marriage and I want our son growing up with his mommy and daddy, because through all of this he's going to be affected by it the most. Thank You.Gavina 

Prayer for Faith

Prayer for Faith
Please pray for me and my two children. I feel that our household has come under attack. Please pray for the protection of my two children. Pray that the Lord guard their hearts and their minds as we are going through court hearings for custody. It has been a very difficult season emotionally and financially. My prayer is that God gives me the strength and courage to endure. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. Crystal


Prayer for Faith and Salvation

Pray for me and for guidance and that the Lord would help me to delight in Him. I also have an interest in helping others in disaster relief and sharing the gospel. Pray for my friends, for Pastor Tim and pray for my family. Pray for any lesbian or gay or transgendered people in the world. Pray for all the people in jails or prisons. Pray for all the children and for any homeless people in the world. Dustin

Prayer for Salvation

Please keep my younger brother in prayer. There is a lot going on with him right now, he's feeling depressed and even suicidal because of past hurt (my dad used to be abusive when we were growing up). He is also dealing with anger issues and bitterness toward other people. He grew up in the church, but I don't know if his faith was ever truly genuine. Please be praying that God would get a hold of his life and drive the enemy out of his head. Please also be praying that God would soften his heart not only towards Him but towards other people, and that he would be able to find Godly friends. Thank you so much, and God bless.

Prayer for Obedience & Trust

Pray for a continuous walk with Jesus Christ our Lord and that I surrender all the things that diverts me away from Jesus. Pray for a lifelong companion that is a Bible believing, Jesus serving, God fearing person one who puts Jesus first in her heart. Pray for my rescue from my personal sins and debt to this world. Pray that I will attend church with the Holy Spirit in my heart and to give the Holy Spirit total control of my heart, mind, soul and body. Pray that our gracious loving merciful Lord Father God through Jesus Christ will intervene. All glory in Jesus name. Bonefacio

Prayer for Salvation

I have a prayer request for my son Micah. He is now away at College but before he left, he told his mother and I that he was not born again. He doesn't believe. My prayer requests are obviously for his safety, wise decisions and for a college education that he can use to glorify God. But first and foremost is that he would come to know Jesus in a personal loving relationship. To be genuinely born again, saved. To give his life to Jesus and be used by Him for His glory. Please pray for my son. Thank you for serving, Jeff

Praise Report!

Test results confirmed Maribel is now 7 years cancer free! All honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

May I please ask you all to say a prayer for me? I'm on the way to Houston to get my check up at MD Anderson and I'm feeling a little nervous. I should get my results after all the tests on Wednesday morning. Praying that I will be celebrating my 7th year cancer free! Thank you, because I know I can count on you all prayers. God Bless you all. Maribel

Prayer for Salvation & Healing

Please pray for my daughter’s grandma Dolores. I just learned today that she was diagnosed about 6 months ago with cirrhosis of the liver and given 10 years to live. She is 75 years old and an unbeliever. Hoping to somehow share JESUS with her. My daughter is not aware nor do I want her to know just yet, because it will scare her and break her heart. Praying GOD will show me the right time to let her know.