Prayer for Elderly Parents

Please pray for Pablo and Lucia my elderly parents who are at the point of needing assisted living. Praying for an affordable location, smooth transition from where they live now (The Woodland, TX) to have them close to me. Most of all, I pray for God's will in their lives as they are believers and strong in their faith. Despite the dementia issues they have not forgotten God who is on this journey with them. Lucy

Prayer for Faith and Trust

I know I am secure in my salvation and I still feel like I’m slipping away in my walk with Jesus. I’m struggling so hard to keep from sin. It stresses me out so much. I guess in the end it’s just the trials of life. It’s the enemy. I am not living in the victory that Jesus has won for me. If I try harder, I fail. If I seek to surrender to His will and the Holy Spirit, I fail. I don’t know whether to try harder or the stop trying and just let God. It’s very distressing.

Prayer for Healing and Salvation

I would like to humbly request prayer for my son Zack. He suffered a brain injury on November 3, 2017 and remained in serious and critical condition at the Baptist Medical Center up until December 5, 2017. At that time, he was transferred to the SAMMC Burn Unit Critical Care ICU with a very severe and toxic skin reaction to one of the medicines he’d been prescribed early on in his hospitalization. The particular reaction Zack has is potentially life threatening and he lost 75% of his skin due to it. The Burn Unit at SAMMC is treating his wounds (which are almost identical to burn wounds) and he had his first surgery this past Thursday to debride some wounds and to apply cadaver skin to some of his 2nd degree wounds. He has another surgery scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Please pray for Zack's healing of his body and mind, and for his salvation too. Pastor Ron, you may recall that I asked for prayer for him earlier and God surely answered them! He improved steadily at the Baptist hospital after we prayed for him and the improvement did happen very soon after we prayed. Praise God! Then he got hit with this skin reaction, but his mom and I are praying continually for Zack and trusting in the Lord for his complete recovery! Amen! Mel.