Praise Report!

My sister, Ceci, recently battled breast cancer which is now in remission, praise God! Please pray as she continues to battle the side effects of her treatment as well as any future problems that may arise. Louie

Prayer for Sister’s Chemo Treatment Dec 2016
Please pray for Louie's sister Ceci, she is receiving her first chemo session today. Please keep her and her family in prayer during this troubling time. This whole situation is a big shock to everyone. Prov. 23:26

Prayer for Provision

I left my old job because I thought it was time. Now I'm not so sure anymore. I really don't want to go back to my old job, because people who said they belonged to God were offended when I would ask them not to swear so much in front of me. Since then I've had two opportunities to prove myself to two potential employers and it's not happening. I know God is there with me, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Should I try to go back to my old job and keep looking up? A little prayer please, I know He hears my prayers, because I can feel His Holy Spirit. Debbie

Prayer for Restoration 

Please pray for my daughter Leslie's visit for the next few weeks. Pray for God's love to flow through us, for protection, and for God's love and grace to prevail in Leslie's life. Also pray for Frances and David, that the Lord may continue to draw them and heal them as the anniversary is approaching of the loss of their dad to cancer. May the Lord comfort, protect, and keep them. Thank you.

Prayer for Provision

I am waiting to go back to California. I have a job waiting for me, but I am waiting for my background ground clearance. I have my daughter, brother and niece there and here I basically have no one. I need a place to live that I can afford, money and to take care of my daughter that is bipolar, has anxiety and is also facing a divorce. Hopefully, meet a decent Christian man to marry. Also, please good health, I now have afib. (runs in my family). Also, my children and grandchildren. A good church too. Thank you. Amen and Amen. Susan

Prayer for Salvation 

Please stand and intercede with me on behalf of my dear friend Chris's Salvation who is a devout Jehovah's Witness and teacher in his congregation. I ask that the Lord would use the Spirit to convict him and soften his heart to receive the good news of Christ! Chris is very open to discussion and we have had some very honest conversations over the past several months about what we believe the Bible is saying. I pray that the enemy would be bound and unable to interfere with God's plan for Chris' life. I ask the Lord to do a mighty work in this man's heart to bring Himself glory. I stand in the gift of faith that I have received and claim this man for the Kingdom of God. I know the Lord is working and I am excited to see how He will do it, because this seems impossible if I do not look at it through eyes of faith. I ask the Lord to strengthen my faith and secure the armor of God onto me when I have these discussions with Chris. I bind and rebuke the spirit of deception, fear, pride, and anything else that is holding Chris back from seeing the truth of the gospel, in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for standing with me in prayer! In Jesus' name amen, Natalie

Prayer for Faith and Grace

A very sweet and loving servant of God, Jenny, just passed away last Tuesday morning. She was my kid's Grandmother and a beautiful human being and true friend. We are all going to miss her tremendously. I am asking for prayer warriors to pray for the family and friends for peace, comfort as well as courage to face the difficulties of not having her presence here anymore. We know she is now in the presence of the Lord, but our selfish nature gets a hold of us sometimes and we also need prayer for that. We are sad because we cannot pick up the phone and talk to her, go visit or ask her how her day was, but we are aware of how she lived her life before to know how she will spend her afterlife now. Her funeral is this Friday and we need strength and courage to help us throughout the day. Yadi