Prayer for Salvation

I really feel lost. I have fallen out of fellowship with Jesus and now I feel like I’m in a deep black hole. I haven't done major sins like drugs, sex, etc. I just feel so far from God and I feel dead inside. Nothing interests me or brings me to life. Suicide is not the answer I know. Not even sure I am saved, although I asked Jesus into my heart many times in life. Thank you

Prayer for Faith and Trust

I’m in my last semester of college, before getting a bachelor’s degree using the GI bill. I still don’t have a clear direction about where I’m headed after I graduate. I started the application process to become a police officer, but I have serious doubts about that. I actually have questions about times in the past when I thought I was led by God and it could be that many of my major directions in the past have been wrong, I don’t know. Please pray that I will get to the place where I can deeply, clearly hear from God. Pray that God will clear out all other voices, so I only hear Him. Pray that He will clear away all the sins and brokenness separating me from hearing from Him. Pray that I will seek Him and seek Him through fasting and prayer until I hear clearly.  Pray for the humility and trust to accept the path He has for me. Thanks, Seth.

Prayer for Salvation

Please pray for David, who’s running from God after his dad passed away some years ago. David is now 18 and struggles with sin, depression etc. Pray for protection, healing, repentance, faith toward Jesus Christ. 
Pray for France, to know the love of God and to rest in HIM.
Pray for Leslie, to know the heavenly Father's love, grace to respond to God's will and purpose. Thank you

Prayer for Wisdom & Restoration

God had been pressing upon me to confess past sins to my husband, and I thought it was best not to say anything since they are in the past and I did not want to cause him the pain of knowing. After all, I had repented and God had transformed me, it was forgiven. So, I've been battling with the thought for about 1 year and I had told God that if he truly wanted me to say something he was going to have to make it super extra clear. Then Friday’s sermon made it loud and clear. He's so amazingly loving. I'd like for your prayers, that God protects his heart, to hear God's voice and ignore Satan. Pray God gives me the wisdom on how to confess and yet know how to provide comfort. To keep me in His will and allow me not to feel offended for any consequence that may come from this. Whatever happens, that Al may fall passionately in love with Jesus. I've been praying for this since last year, when God began something. So, I know He's doing something, I just pray that I have the spiritual strength to sustain what it takes to get him there.Ana

Praise Report! CCSA Street Ministry

God blessed us today again doing Street Ministry! There were 3 people that got Saved. Pray for Javier and Liz (they are polytheistic), Viny (He’s Hindu), Alondra and her Cuban boyfriend who believe in Go, but not ready to commit to Him). Pray for Charles who is a believer and wants to know how God wants to use him. Thank you for your prayerful support of Street Ministry. Aaron