Prayer for Healing

From Calvary Chapel Harrisburg PA – please pray for 16-year-old Maddie who is in a hospital in Philadelphia PA - many tests still being done - possible co-infections from Lyme disease. Please pray for God's complete healing of her body and the witness of this young girl to the hospital staff that their hearts may be pricked by the Holy Spirit. Pray that CC Harrisburg continues strong in prayer to hold up Maddie and her parents, Tammy and Steve. Blessings and many thanks to CC San Antonio. Hope

Praise Report: Prayer for My Dad Pablo 

My dad's surgery was delayed for a couple of days and he had the surgery yesterday. Thank you all for your prayers as the surgery was less treatment than what was planned. I'm so thankful and grateful for God's mercy and grace. Please continue praying for my dad as he is still in hospital. My dad is a new believer, and I know God has a plan for him. Praise Jesus! Ana

Prayer for My Dad Pablo's Surgery

My dad has multiple health conditions and since this summer his health has declined very quickly. He’s had couple a of surgeries, but he is finally at home as a couple of weeks ago. While in hospital this summer he came to accept Jesus; the first one of my family. Praises Jesus! I want to thank you all for praying for my dad.

This afternoon my dad was admitted to hospital and he’ll have surgery tomorrow to place another dialysis port, but he has a very weak heart.
Please pray that he has God's peace and strength to go through this and pray for the medical team that will be God's power working through them. Ana

Prayer for Marriage

Please pray for my faith and trust in God as I'm having a very difficult time in my marriage. I'm having a very hard time spiritually and focusing on prayer. I’m dealing with constant emotional pain and sadness; it's hard for me to believe that God can change this situation. Please pray that God’s Word comes alive and works powerfully in my life, and that I will grow even closer to my God. Thank you so much.