Prayer for healing

Dear brothers and sisters, please pray for my friend Aaron. He is going thru cancer for the second time; lung cancer.  He is receiving radiation and chemo which is affecting the flap he had placed on his eye from the previous cancer.  The flap is deteriorating due to the chemo treatment and his doctor doesn’t know what to do.  His wife called me this morning and is asking for prayers for a miracle.  I know God is in control, and he will send the right doctors for Aaron. Pray also for Jolene, his wife, and their children for God to give them faith and endurance. Thank you all and God bless! Maribel

Prayer for healing for unborn child

By God's grace and goodness we will be adding a baby to our family this coming October. When we first found out we were expecting, God spoke to my heart and said trust and believe and He said nothing is impossible with Me. Twelve weeks later we found out that the baby had excessive fluid in the brain, in the heart, behind the head and down the spine. Also, the baby's bowels are on the outside. A blood test revealed that the baby has trisomy 18, and extra chromosome #18 which many times leads to miscarriage by 20 weeks, or still birth at full term. If the baby survives the birth, he may only live a few hours. You can only imagine how this news affected Matt and I after having two miscarriages in two years. In that moment, God reminded me that nothing is impossible with Him. Today we give God all praise and glory that He has sustained our baby's life for 15 weeks. We go for our next genetic ultrasound this Friday the 12th. 
We are asking all our family in Christ to please join us in prayer for the healing of our baby. We believe God can do the impossible and He has called us to trust and believe. Please pray for a miracle for our baby. Please put us on your church's prayer list and pray for us in your Bible study groups. Thank you to all who read this post and will pray for us. We could not walk this journey without you. 
"For You formed my inward parts; You knitted me in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:13-14.
Matt, Sarah, Micah and Malachi

Prayer for reconciliation

Please continue to pray for my family and that my sister Cindy’s last words, prayers and wishes not be lost. She longed to see the family together and for a moment that happened, the family came together for her. I so miss my sister, she was loving, giving, and selfless. My brother Andy and I are grateful that she felt such love from her church family in those last days. Thank you and God Bless, Barbara.

Prayer for Faith

Praise the Lord that He is delivering me from anxiousness and has shown me the places I need to trust Him more and obey by faith. Please pray that I would gladly and joyfully trust the Lord with all of my heart and not look back anymore. Also, if the Lord wills it, that my husband James would find a job with better hours, and that the Lord would give me the strength to school the children, maintain my home, and represent the Lord always in what I do. Thank you, Melissa

Prayer for Quick Recovery for 5-Month Old

Our 5-month-old nephew, Latrueo, who is visiting from Oregon, is currently hospitalized with respiratory trouble springing from a common cold. He has been on oxygen for 3 days. We are waiting to see how he does without oxygen to see if he can be released. So far, they haven't been able to take him off, like we had hoped. Please pray for a quick recovery for Latrueo, peace for his parents Brendon and Hilary, comfort for his two big sisters, and that the Lord would take care of their now changed travel plans. Loren and Justine