Prayer for family in Guatemala and travel mercies

Pray for my hubby who is in Guatemala getting his visa. Pray everything works out, but pray more for his family. It’s very hard over there as living conditions aren’t good; they are very poor. Hubby's heart is really broken for them. Pray they hear the gospel. Pray that when me and Haven are there that we love on them unconditionally. Pray for traveling mercies as well. Please pray for me n Haven, as we are sad he is gone but know God is doing great things. Thank you, Stephanie

Prayer for My Friends House Christian Fellowship Church

Pastor Tyrone Christian from My Friends House Christian Fellowship (MFHCF) was diagnosed just three days ago with a very aggressive form of Leukemia and he is in stage IV. A second pastor at the same church, Albert Belton, had a heart attack last year and is now suffering heart issues again with the news of Pastor Christian's struggle. Please lift both pastors as well as their families and the congregation in prayer for complete healing, comfort and the strength to endure. Thank you so much.

Prayer for a Job

Please pray for me, I've been out of work for a 1 year and I have an upcoming job interview on Monday, July 10th at 11am. This job for many reasons is perfect for me and my family’s needs. I applied for this job in January, but failed their skill assessment. However, because I almost passed the assessment they’ve had me in their internship (unpaid) for 6 months which is the waiting period till I can rescreen. I still feel a little rusty not having worked for so long, yet I know that these skills are inside of me. My nerves tend to get the best of me during testing as well. I can hardly express how much it would mean to my career and the quality of life for my family to work for this specific company. I covet your prayers and I thank you in advance. Humbly, Crystal

Prayer for Salvation

I ask for your prayers for Ray. I ask that this beautiful church prays for Ray's salvation and his sobriety. He was delivered from alcoholism earlier this year and is still sober (Praise the Lord) but his addictions have manifested in other negative manners. The enemy is attacking him, I ask that we pray that Ray comes to be saved and understands the true meaning of love and intimacy as the Holy Bible states. May God bless you all, Jennifer

Prayer for Strength

I am in a long-term relationship with a man who was a lifelong drug addict and alcoholic. Our Lord Jesus delivered him from his alcoholism earlier this year and he is now sober.
Although, there have been positive changes in him over time (Praise the Lord) I'm truly wondering if there has been too much damage done. I am a brand new born again Christian, my heart has changed through Christ! I realize now that living with this man who is not my husband will not be blessed by God under these circumstances. I need the strength to leave, get my own place and start new. I know I'm in God's way where Ray is concerned. I pray that Ray becomes saved by Jesus, but I have no control over that. I thank the Lord for this church and for all your prayers. May God bless you all. Jennifer

Praise Report & Continued Prayer for Healing

A praise report for my friend Aaron, Aaron is getting discharge home today with antibiotics and a feeding tube. Hopefully, he will be ready for surgery in 4 weeks to put in a new flap for his eye. It’s critical that he is well nourished for the surgery. Please pray that he trusts in the Lord and that he stays strong. Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers. Maribel

5/28/17: Dear brothers and sisters: Please pray for my friend Aaron. He is going thru cancer for the second time; lung cancer.  He is receiving radiation and chemo which is affecting the flap he had placed on his eye from the previous cancer.  The flap is deteriorating due to the chemo treatment and his doctor doesn’t know what to do.  His wife called me this morning and is asking for prayers for a miracle.  I know God is in control, and he will send the right doctors for Aaron. Pray also for Jolene, his wife, and their children for God to give them faith and endurance. Thank you all! God bless! Maribel