Prayer for Healing

Please pray for Reina, as she is diagnosed with peritoneal Synovial Sarcoma (currently inoperable as a portion encircles the aorta).  Prayer is requested for pain relief, as this type of cancer has a very painful manifestation.  Pray for her enduring strength and God's grace to allow chemotherapy locally in San Antonio/home vs. M.D. Anderson (Houston) where she is currently beginning the immensely challenging treatment path ahead.

Prayer for Business/Job

I have been working a full-time job and have a retail business at the same time. The job I have I’ve been there almost 30 years. The last four years have been difficult doing both. Six months ago, I lost my manager and things went from bad to worse. I work all the time just to keep the doors open. Please pray that GOD would clearly show his will for me and my family. I’m at the point where I just want to give up. The stress on me is more than I can take. Mark

Prayer for Daughter (10 yrs. Old)

My daughter Hannah has had bad digestive issues for a couple of years, but recently these issues have worsened. This weekend was especially hard for her, she’s in a lot of pain and she’s only 10 years old. It breaks my heart. I've been praying a lot and so have my family and friends. I’m turning to Jesus and the word for guidance. Prayer is so powerful, so I ask if you could keep Hannah in prayer. Pray that she gets better as soon as possible and that the Lord never lets her fall from His hands. Pray that He keeps me strong as well through all this. Thank you so much. Hannah

Prayer Requests

Praying for Rev. Taylor’s job transition to be smooth and God's hand of protection. Prayer for Phyllis complete healing and deliverance in Jesus Name. Prayer for Jr. to be delivered from every addiction and to be saved in Jesus Name. Prayer for healing for Marcia deliverance in every way. Prayer for Alyce to get out of the abusive relationship she is in and find housing for her and her daughter. Prayer for the homeless man who has cancer in his neck to be healed. Prayer for the homeless man who is about to have open heart surgery. Prayer for Jojo's aunt who has stage 3 cancer. Prayer for Francine to have favor on her job and return to church on a regular basis. Prayer for healing for Mrs. Luster. Healing for Naomi in her body. Prayer for deliverance in every way for Mikayla; also for her housing, schooling and job. Prayer for Danicka to excel in all she does particularly in school. Prayer for Leigh's job promotion and deliverance for her son. Prayer for Erma’s healing and deliverance. Prayer for Judy's job, finances and for healing. Prayer for Jeanne's job and blessings.

Prayer for Healing

I’ve had a continuous headache/migraine for more than two years straight and doctors have no idea why. All my testing and screening have come back fine, but I still feel this physical pain that’s unbearable. I was recently shown Christ’s love and though I believe in Jesus I never truly felt it or never truly accepted Him. I do now and I know he can change any situation. I’m seeking prayers that my pain will be no more. Thank you. Naomi

Prayer for Elderly Parents

Please pray for Pablo and Lucia my elderly parents who are at the point of needing assisted living. Praying for an affordable location, smooth transition from where they live now (The Woodland, TX) to have them close to me. Most of all, I pray for God's will in their lives as they are believers and strong in their faith. Despite the dementia issues they have not forgotten God who is on this journey with them. Lucy

Prayer for Faith and Trust

I know I am secure in my salvation and I still feel like I’m slipping away in my walk with Jesus. I’m struggling so hard to keep from sin. It stresses me out so much. I guess in the end it’s just the trials of life. It’s the enemy. I am not living in the victory that Jesus has won for me. If I try harder, I fail. If I seek to surrender to His will and the Holy Spirit, I fail. I don’t know whether to try harder or the stop trying and just let God. It’s very distressing.