Prayer for Healing (Update)

I’m asking for continuing prayer for my breathing and heart problems. I was in the emergency room and I don’t know exactly what the issue is. I also found out that I have a bladder infection. I’d like prayer for complete healing of whatever is going on. I’m only 27 and it most likely started from smoking. I also have a request that God would work out my relationship I just got in with my boyfriend. I’d like to get married and have kids. If you have a prayer chain please add my name. Jess

Prayer for Healing

I am asking for prayer for my daughter Lolita who suffered an Ocular Stroke 5 days ago and was left with damage to her sight and brain. She is 56 years old Christian woman with a family. I am her mother Grace, and I am requesting this prayer for Jesus to do a miracle healing to restore her sight to where she can read with glasses. I know God does miracles all over the world every day, we just don't hear about them every day. I believe very much in the power of prayer. Thank you! May God Bless you & Calvary Chapel. Amen. Grace

Prayer for Faith & Strength

I am recently unemployed and need a job. I have, like the prodigal son, come back home and would ask prayer for the continued strength and commitment to stay home and be submissive to Holy Spirits leading. I ask prayer for my family and the healing and forgiveness of past hurts. I ask prayer for my 17-year-old daughter, that the Holy Spirit will guide her in making the right life decision. Thank You! Joseph

Prayer for Salvation & Faith

Please pray that my sister Debbie does not lose her family due to Scientology disconnection policies. It has already destroyed our family now it is happening again. I pray all my family would come to know Jesus as their savior. 
Please pray that God would help with my business and job. I’m burned out with both and do not know which one to drop because of problems with each one. Not enough income for either one by itself. Thank you Jesus! Mark

Praise Report (Prayer for Faith & Peace)

I wanted to give a praise report on a prayer I asked for last month. I was having overwhelming fear about attending a job fair and interviewing. The thoughts and feelings were still coming though I was casting them down and giving them to Jesus. Well, this month the morning of a job fair I had an intense desire to just get up and go after having talked myself out of it again. I went. God is so good, I was interviewed the same day. Thank you for your prayers. I am still waiting for their call back. I will let you know the outcome. I am so thankful just to have made it to the job fair. Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! God Bless you all! Patrice

Prayer for Faith & Peace
I have been gripped with fear (anxiety) about interviewing for a teaching position. It has gotten so bad, I have anxiety about going to job fairs. It is even keeping me from wanting to apply for positions online. I can feel the anxiety just thinking about this situation. Why do I feel like this, because I feel I don't know enough and won't be able to answer their questions? Thank you for your time and prayers. May you be refreshed. Patrice

Prayer for Healing

Please pray for my dad Pablo, he was incubated yesterday because he is unable to breathe on his own and he has multiple organ failure that he’s been living with for a while. I pray for healing and that he experiences our Lord’s strength, comfort and peace in his heart as he goes through this. He is a new believer. Please pray for me that I can be used by Jesus to minister to our unsaved family. Ana

Prayer for Salvation and Faith

Good morning friends in Christ. I would like to ask you to pray for my son Gabriel Jr. and his girlfriend Vanessa. They are in the world with 5 children, they are not in the Word or with God. They want to be rich, that’s all they talk about most of the time. I am praying for their heart and minds to change. They live in San Antonio and I live in Tucson, sometimes I feel very lonely praying for them and I don't know if God listens to me. In Christ, Juana

Praise Report (Prayer for Healing)

Thank you for your prayers for my cousin's two three-month-old babies. They had their hernia surgery today and everything went well. They are doing fine, but will stay overnight at the hospital for observation and if all is well will be home at some point tomorrow. Thanks to God and that He continues to watch over them and thank you again for your prayers.

Prayer for Healing & Salvation

Please pray for my cousin Tiffany's babies. She has triplets that are a little over two months old and two of them have hernias that require surgery. Please pray that everything goes well in surgery and for a speedy recovery. Also, pray for the salvation of my cousin and her husband. Thank you.