Praise Report & Continued Prayer for Healing from Cancer

Update: Aaron went back to work part-time 2 weeks ago. He is recovering well from chemo and radiation. He is waiting for surgery to replace his eye flap; pending the PET scan he has scheduled for August 24, 2017. Please pray for cancer free in his lung. He and his wife wish you all well with good health and bless your hearts for praying and thinking about their family. Maribel

6/30/17: A praise report for my friend Aaron, Aaron is getting discharge home today with antibiotics and a feeding tube. Hopefully, he will be ready for surgery in 4 weeks to put in a new flap for his eye. It’s critical that he is well nourished for the surgery. Please pray that he trusts in the Lord and that he stays strong. Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers. Maribel

5/28/17: Dear brothers and sisters: Please pray for my friend Aaron. He is going through cancer for the second time; lung cancer.  He is receiving radiation and chemo which is affecting the flap he had placed on his eye from the previous cancer.  The flap is deteriorating due to the chemo treatment and his doctor doesn’t know what to do.  His wife called me this morning and is asking for prayers for a miracle.  I know God is in control, and he will send the right doctors for Aaron. Pray also for Jolene, his wife, and their children for God to give them faith and endurance. Thank you all! God bless! Maribel