Prayer for Healing and Strength

My family and I attended a service last weekend and first and foremost I want to thank those that made us feel so welcome. After the service, Paula saw my husband in the hall and remembered his name and once again welcomed him. It’s that personal touch that let us know we've found a church home.

My prayer request is for my mother in law Debra who is living with stage 4 stomach cancer. Her strength and the way she conveys God's love in her physical struggle is like nothing I have ever seen. She is touching everyone she meets and showing them her faith and devotion. I pray that God continues to grant her the peace and confidence every day that she needs to continue spreading His love for as long as she still has with us. She struggled with whether to tell anyone at the church about the cancer for fear of being made to feel singled out, but has told me that she thinks that maybe she should say something, so that she can get the spiritual support she knows she needs. She will be traveling this weekend and will not be attending service, but we will be back next weekend bright and early to celebrate Jesus with you. Thank you.