Prayer for Wisdom & Restoration

God had been pressing upon me to confess past sins to my husband, and I thought it was best not to say anything since they are in the past and I did not want to cause him the pain of knowing. After all, I had repented and God had transformed me, it was forgiven. So, I've been battling with the thought for about 1 year and I had told God that if he truly wanted me to say something he was going to have to make it super extra clear. Then Friday’s sermon made it loud and clear. He's so amazingly loving. I'd like for your prayers, that God protects his heart, to hear God's voice and ignore Satan. Pray God gives me the wisdom on how to confess and yet know how to provide comfort. To keep me in His will and allow me not to feel offended for any consequence that may come from this. Whatever happens, that Al may fall passionately in love with Jesus. I've been praying for this since last year, when God began something. So, I know He's doing something, I just pray that I have the spiritual strength to sustain what it takes to get him there.Ana