Prayer for Salvation & God’s Protection

My name is Sean, I'm 23 years old and I live in Southern California. A couple of months ago, my girlfriend Sienna broke up with me and I was devastated. It hurt, because I loved her very much. I strayed from God's path, and dated someone who wasn't a Christian. I shouldn't have, and I suffered for it emotionally. I am doing much better now that God has helped to heal me.
Though she isn't in my life, I'm concerned about her faith and I fear for her safety without Jesus. I'm emailing your church in Texas and the Calvary Chapel’s throughout the U.S. to pray for Sienna. I want to know that no matter where she goes there are Christians praying for her, that care for her, even if she doesn't know them, and praying that she is surrounded by God's protection.
Please pray for Sienna to accept God into her heart and live her life for Him. Thanks, Sean