Prayer for Salvation & Marriage Restoration

I really need prayer for my marriage. My husband Ryan and I have been married for a little over a year and we have a one-year old son together. I recommitted my life to Christ a little after having our son, my husband however isn't a believer. He claims he's been feeling unhappy for months, doesn't think we connect, rushed into marriage, and doesn't think we were "made" for each other. He has divorce papers and claims he wants a divorce but hasn't signed anything yet. I'm fighting for my marriage but day by day it’s getting harder and harder. I know God hates divorce and I also know that He says if my husband wants out to let him go. I just pray that somehow someway God will soften his heart and intervene in this marriage, most of all I pray for my husband’s salvation. If you may, please keep us in prayer. I want this marriage and I want our son growing up with his mommy and daddy, because through all of this he's going to be affected by it the most. Thank You.Gavina