Praise Report!

Thank you for your prayers. Loren's mom has a good deal of sensation back in her extremities. The neurosurgeon said that she only cracked her C1 Vertebrae and didn't crush it. She will likely be released today with a heavy-duty brace, which she will be in for several months. She will need regular follow-up x-rays to be certain it is healing properly. Praise the Lord! Please keep her in your prayers for a full recovery. Justine 

Loren's mom, Beverly, was trimming trees at her home, this afternoon, when a branch landed on her head. She has a fracture to her C1 Vertebrae (The first one below the skull.) She has no sensation below the neck. A neurosurgeon will evaluate her in the morning. We don't know much yet however, it is a life-threatening and life-altering injury. Prayers for her, Loren's dad, and the whole family would be greatly appreciated. Justine